Best CBD for Bone Healing 2024: Top 5 Picks

Suffering from a bone fracture or injury? Science may have a surprising ally for you in the healing process – cannabidiol, or CBD.

According to recent research, like the studies published on PubMed and Springer, CBD has shown promise in the complex world of bone regeneration.

How, you may ask?

Well, it all comes down to the way CBD interacts with specific receptors in your body, called CB-1 and CB-2.

These interactions can stimulate or inhibit the activities of osteoblasts and osteoclasts, the cells responsible for bone healing.

In some rodent studies, CBD even enhanced fracture healing. While we’re still in the early stages, and further human clinical trials are needed, the insights are truly fascinating.

Are you ready to explore this unconventional path to recovery?

Stick with us as we introduce you to the 5 best CBD products that might just give your bones the boost they need.

Healing, after all, is a journey, and we’re here to walk you through it.

Our Process for Selecting the Best CBD for Bone Healing

Choosing the perfect CBD product isn’t easy, given the sheer number of options available today. But don’t fret – we’re here to help. We’ve meticulously examined each product with a stringent set of criteria to ensure quality, safety, and transparency.

Unwavering Quality Standards

Each CBD product that made our list meets these essentials:

  1. It’s made with hemp cultivated right here in the U.S., adhering to high agricultural standards.
  2. It contains no more than 0.3% THC, as verified by its certificate of analysis (COA) – ensuring you don’t get any unwanted psychoactive effects.
  3. It’s cleared tests for pesticides, heavy metals, and molds, in line with the COA, safeguarding you from harmful contaminants.
  4. It’s undergone third-party testing by an ISO 17025-compliant lab, assuring an unbiased quality check.

Delving Deeper into the Details

But we didn’t stop at these basics. We delved further to shortlist products with the following factors in mind:

  1. The potency of each product, because when it comes to CBD, the dosage makes a difference.
  2. The ingredient list: we favored products with ingredients specifically known for stress relief.
  3. The company’s certifications and manufacturing processes to ensure the product comes from trusted, responsible sources.
  4. The reputation of each brand, including customer reviews, giving us a glimpse into real-life user experiences.
  5. A keen eye for red flags, like unsupported health claims about their products or a history of FDA warning letters.

Through this thorough and methodical approach, we’re confident that the products we’ve selected are of the highest quality.

Why Only Five Products in Our Guide?

In the landscape of CBD, options abound. You might stumble upon guides featuring 15, 20, or even more products. But let’s face it, isn’t that a bit excessive?

We understand that the wide array of choices can be overwhelming. And after analyzing dozens of merchants and hundreds of products on the market, we’ve found that high-quality CBD products are, in essence, pretty similar. Their differences often boil down to nuances in taste, nothing more.

So, we took a different approach. We wanted to curate a concise list that won’t drown you in a sea of seemingly endless choices.

So we’ve handpicked only five products. But make no mistake, these are not just any five products. They’re the cream of the crop, the top dogs, the… well, you get the point.

Every product on this list is of the highest quality and offers the best price-per-milligram ratio.

So you can be confident that you’re not just getting the best CBD – you’re also getting the best value for your money. Because we believe that when it comes to your health and wellness journey, less can truly be more.

Best 5 CBD Products Effective for Bone Healing

Cannabinoids and Bone Regeneration

The article, published in 2019, focuses on the relationship between cannabinoids and bone regeneration. It delves into the complex nature of bone tissue and its unique properties, such as high strength and regeneration capabilities. The article explores how bone regeneration occurs in both physiological and pathological situations, and how it is performed by specific cells called osteoblasts and osteoclasts.

The research highlights the role of the cannabinoid system in bone metabolism. Cannabinoids, which mainly act on receptors called CB-1 and CB-2, have been shown to have positive effects on bone metabolism. Specific agonists and antagonists of these receptors can stimulate or inhibit the activities of osteoblasts and osteoclasts, leading to potential benefits in bone regeneration.

The article also discusses the limitations of current treatments for bone regeneration and the potential of cannabinoids as a future treatment option. It emphasizes that an optimal correlation of dose, duration, and moment of action can lead to increased bone regeneration capacity. This understanding of cannabinoids’ effects on bone regeneration opens up new avenues for treating various pathological situations involving bone tissue, without the adverse reactions often associated with cannabinoids. Therefore, the outcomes of this research contribute to the growing body of evidence that supports the use of cannabinoids in bone healing.

The Cannabinoids Effect on Bone Formation and Bone Healing

The article, published in 2020, provides an in-depth analysis of the effects of cannabinoids, specifically cannabidiol (CBD), on bone formation and healing. It focuses on the skeletal endocannabinoid system and its involvement in bone formation and resorption, emphasizing the roles of cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 in regulating bone homeostasis in rodents and humans.

CBD treatment has been shown to enhance fracture healing in rats. The study also explores the potential use of CBD in bone homeostasis, fracture healing, and regeneration. In a specific experiment involving spinal cord injury-induced bone loss in rats, CBD administration not only attenuated the sublesional cancellous bone loss but also enhanced the mechanical properties of the femurs. However, CBD treatment had no significant effect on normal bone homeostasis in mice.

In conclusion, the article suggests that CBD’s role in enhancing bone healing needs further validation in clinical trials. The research indicates that the endocannabinoid system has significant roles in skeletal homeostasis, and CBD’s beneficial effects in enhancing healing and recovery following bone injury make it a promising area for further investigation.

What the Research Says About CBD and Bone Healing


Full Spectrum CBD Softgels Sleep PM Full Spectrum CBD Softgels Sleep PM
The Full Spectrum CBD Softgels Sleep PM may improve sleep for those recovering from bone injuries. Lack of quality sleep can interfere with bone healing, but the CBD, CBN, melatonin, and herbs in these softgels promote relaxation and restore healthy sleep cycles. Good sleep enhances circulation to speed nutrient delivery for faster bone repair. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD also help reduce swelling and pain.

Delta-9 THC Oil Drops CBN CBD Sweet Dreams Blend Delta-9 THC Oil Drops CBN CBD Sweet Dreams Blend
The Delta-9 THC Oil Drops contain CBD, CBN, and THC to promote deep, restful sleep for bone healing. CBN has demonstrated sedative effects to quiet the nervous system. THC enhances relaxation while terpenes provide additional calming benefits. Restorative sleep is vital during bone repair, as growth hormone is released at night. This sleep aid may help those recovering from fractures achieve more consistent, high-quality sleep.

25mg Full Spectrum CBD Softgels 25mg Full Spectrum CBD Softgels
The full spectrum CBD softgels from COBO CBD may accelerate bone fracture healing. Full spectrum CBD retains all the compounds in the hemp plant, allowing for the entourage effect. The combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and CBD work together to reduce bone inflammation. CBD also stimulates osteoblasts involved in forming new bone tissue. Taken daily, these softgels may support the bone repair process after an injury.

CBD Gel Capsules CBD Gel Capsules
The full spectrum CBD in these gel capsules from CBDfx may protect bone health and speed healing after fractures or injuries. Studies show full spectrum CBD reduces inflammatory cytokines that can worsen bone damage. The CBD also limits osteoclast activity to reduce bone loss. With bone-protective and anti-inflammatory effects, daily use of these CBD capsules could support recovery after bone trauma.

The fast absorption of these water-soluble CBD drops from Binoid makes them ideal for bone pain relief. The drops can be taken at the first sign of discomfort for quick effects thanks to the rapid sublingual uptake. Broad spectrum CBD provides anti-inflammatory benefits without THC. For bone injuries, the drops are easy to use on-the-go to manage pain flare ups during the day. Start with a low dose and increase gradually to find the optimal amount.

How to Shop for CBD for Bone Healing

For healing bone injuries or fractures, a fast-acting CBD oil or gummy can provide quick relief when pain flares up.


Taken under the tongue, CBD oil offers fast absorption into the bloodstream in just minutes. This allows easy dosing whenever bone pain occurs. The effects typically last for 2-3 hours. Oils also allow precise dosage control.

CBD Gummies

While gummies take 30-45 minutes to kick in, they offer convenient, pre-measured doses of CBD. Their longer lasting effects provide sustained relief for several hours. Gummies are also tasty and portable. Choose fast-acting gummies for quicker pain relief.

CBD Capsules

Capsules release CBD more slowly over 60 minutes. However, they offer simple, mess-free dosing of a consistent CBD amount. Taking capsules on a schedule helps maintain stable CBD levels.

Finding the Right Type of CBD

For healing bones, full or broad spectrum CBD maximizes benefits:

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD contains a range of cannabinoids and terpenes that enhance the effects of CBD through the entourage effect. This provides more robust anti-inflammatory and pain relief.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD also provides entourage benefits but without THC. For those wanting to avoid THC, broad-spectrum CBD delivers well-rounded therapeutic effects without psychoactivity.

Choosing an Effective Potency

Higher potency CBD oils and gummies around 600-1000mg are recommended for pain relief and healing after bone fractures or injuries.

  • Low potency (300mg) – Best for very mild pain
  • Medium potency (600mg) – Better for moderate bone pain and inflammation
  • High potency (1000mg) – Most effective for severe bone pain

Start low and increase the dosage over time to find optimal relief with minimal side effects. Discuss appropriate potency with your doctor.


How can CBD help heal broken bones or fractures?

Research shows CBD can speed bone healing by strengthening activity of osteoblasts, the cells that build new bone tissue. CBD also reduces bone loss and inflammation. Taking CBD oil daily under the tongue may help fractures mend more quickly.

What dose of CBD is best for bone pain?

There is no standard dose, but most people find relief of bone pain and inflammation with 25-50mg CBD daily. For severe bone pain, some need 100-150mg per day. Start low at 20mg and increase the dose every 3-4 days if needed. Talk to your doctor about finding your ideal dosage.

What’s the best CBD product format for bone injuries?

Fast-acting CBD oils, gummies, or capsules allow quick relief when bone pain flares up. Topical CBD creams can also help localized pain when applied directly to the skin near affected bones. Combining oral and topical CBD may work best.

Can CBD completely heal fractures on its own?

No, CBD should not replace medical treatment for broken bones. It is not a standalone cure. However, early research indicates CBD may accelerate fracture healing when paired with proper orthopedic care. More human studies are still needed on CBD for bone health.

How does CBD help relieve bone cancer pain?

The natural pain-relieving properties of CBD may significantly reduce chronic aches and discomfort associated with bone cancer. CBD also decreases inflammation and swelling. Taken regularly, it can provide ongoing pain management with few side effects.

Are there risks to using CBD for bone health?

CBD is generally considered very safe when used as directed. Potential side effects include drowsiness, nausea, and irritability. CBD may interact with certain medications, so talk to your doctor before using it. Start with a low CBD dose and gradually increase to find the best dosage for you.

Can I use CBD along with my osteoporosis medication?

You should not take CBD without first consulting your physician if you are on medication for osteoporosis or other bone conditions. There is a potential for interaction with some drugs. However, your doctor may agree that adding CBD could provide additional benefits for bone strength and pain relief.

What evidence supports using CBD for bone conditions?

Multiple studies confirm CBD stimulates markers of bone formation and inhibits those involved in bone loss. CBD has also been shown to reduce inflammatory cytokines that can exacerbate bone damage. More clinical trials are underway, but current research is promising for CBD’s bone-protective effects.

Is full spectrum CBD better than isolate for bone healing?

Full-spectrum CBD may work better, thanks to the entourage effect from a range of cannabinoids and terpenes interacting synergistically. However, broad spectrum CBD or isolates are still effective options, especially for those wanting to avoid even trace THC.

Are there any other natural supplements that can enhance CBD’s bone benefits?

Nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and omega-3s are vital for bone health and can complement CBD’s effects. A balanced diet and active lifestyle also support the skeleton. Pairing CBD with bone-healthy nutrients and habits maximizes benefits. Discuss supplement options with your healthcare provider.