Top 5 CBD Products to Alleviate Anxiety & Stress in 2024

Feeling a wave of anxiety? You’re not alone, and science is unfolding some promising solutions for you. Studies are exploring Cannabidiol (CBD), a key component in cannabis, as a potential game-changer in stress and anxiety management. According to research, CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system, with potential to ease anxiety and stress symptoms. Yet, dosage, individual factors such as genetics, and the method of administration all play a part in its effectiveness.

While evidence has emerged showing promising results, experts urge that more research is needed due to the small sample sizes and limitations in current studies. Excited to learn more? We’re about to dive into the best CBD products for stress and anxiety, backed by science, to help you find the relief you’re seeking. Buckle up for the journey!

Why are there only five products in our list?

As you dive into our guide, you’ll quickly notice we’ve limited our selection to five key CBD products for migraines. This approach may seem counterintuitive, particularly when compared to other guides out there boasting 15, 20, or even more product recommendations. So, why have we narrowed our list down to just five?

Overwhelming our readers with an array of seemingly endless choices is not our style. After extensive analysis of dozens of merchants and hundreds of products available on the market, we found that products meeting our high quality standards were largely similar, with slight variations in taste.

The truth is, the sheer number of CBD products on the market can create an illusion of significant difference where there may not be any. It’s easy to get caught up in minor distinctions and lose sight of what’s really important: quality, efficacy, and value for money.

Our goal is not to inundate you with an excessive amount of options, but to present a curated selection of top-tier products. These items are not only exceptional in their quality but also offer the best price per milligram (mg) ratio. We believe this approach will help simplify your decision-making process, ensuring you receive the best possible product for your needs.

How we chose the best CBD oils for anxiety

Wondering how we landed on our selection of top CBD oils for stress and anxiety? We didn’t just pick them out of a hat! There’s an entire checklist of criteria we’ve ticked off to ensure that we’re bringing you options that are safe, high-quality, and transparent. Let’s dive into the specifics!

Lab Tested and Trusted

Any product that made our list had to come from a company that provides proof of third-party testing by an ISO 17025-compliant lab. It’s the gold standard to guarantee you’re getting exactly what’s on the label.

U.S.-Grown Hemp

We’ve only chosen products that are made with U.S.-grown hemp. Why does that matter? Because it assures us that the products are compliant with regulations and standards for safety and quality.

Keeping THC Low

We understand that you might not want to get ‘high’ from your CBD oil. That’s why we’ve only included products that contain no more than 0.3% THC, according to the certificate of analysis (COA). It’s the legal limit, and it ensures the products won’t produce psychoactive effects.

Safety from Pesticides and Toxins

You certainly don’t want harmful substances sneaking into your stress-busting CBD oil. Hence, we’ve checked that each product is below the legal limit for pesticides, heavy metals, and molds, according to the COA.

Additional Considerations

But we didn’t stop there! We also factored in company certifications and manufacturing processes, product potency, and overall ingredients. These criteria provide a more complete picture of the quality of the CBD oils.

Trust and Reputation

Lastly, we looked at indicators of user trust and brand reputation. Customer reviews, FDA warning letters, and unsupported health claims all came under our scrutiny. After all, a company’s reputation and the experiences of real users can tell you a lot about a product.

Top 5 CBD Products to Alleviate Anxiety & Stress

Full Spectrum Calming CBD Gummies

Full Spectrum Calming CBD Gummies

Looking to regain your calm after a long day? CbdMD’s Full Spectrum CBD Gummies might just be the thing for you. Not only do they pack a powerful CBD punch with 200mg CBD and 4mg THC per serving, they’re also blended with ashwagandha and an assortment of soothing herbs to aid relaxation. Plus, they’re vegan and gluten-free, making them suitable for all dietary needs. However, remember that THC can affect everyone differently, so start with a small dose and gradually increase as needed.

CBD Calm Capsules

CBD Calm Capsules

CbdMD’s Calm Capsules can help you manage your everyday stress and improve focus. Each capsule includes a blend of Sensoril, SaffSerene, and other natural calming ingredients, designed to be swallowed whole for maximum effect. As always, it’s best to start with a small dosage (one capsule in the morning and one at night) and adjust as needed. Remember, consistency is key when taking CBD products.

Broad Spectrum CBD Calming Gummies

Broad Spectrum CBD Calming Gummies

The Broad Spectrum CBD Calming Gummies from cbdMD combine the power of CBD with ashwagandha and other naturally sourced calming ingredients for maximum relaxation. They’re free from unwanted chemicals and are vegan-friendly, GMO and gluten-free. Take it slowly when starting out with these gummies. Start with two gummies per day and stick to it for a few weeks before adjusting the dosage.



The CBDistillery 1000mg CBD Oil Tincture is an all-natural, vegan and non-GMO product that provides a variety of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN. The oil is designed for fast digestion, making it a great choice for quick relief. But remember, CBD affects everyone differently, so it’s best to start with a lower dosage and increase it gradually, depending on how your body responds.

Delta-9 THC Oil Drops + CBD: Ultimate Chill Blend

Delta-9 THC Oil Drops + CBD: Ultimate Chill Blend

CBDFX’s Ultimate Chill Blend is a combination of full spectrum CBD and THC, designed to deliver a calming effect. The oil also includes CBN, known for its relaxation properties, making it a great option for stress relief and mood enhancement. However, keep in mind that THC can cause a “high” feeling, so start with a small dose and adjust as necessary. Always remember to listen to your body when taking CBD products.

Can CBD Help With Stress and Anxiety? What Does the Research say?

Use of cannabidiol in anxiety and anxiety-related disorders

This study is a review of the current evidence on the use of cannabidiol (CBD) or medical marijuana in managing stress and anxiety. The researchers conducted a search of various databases and included 48 relevant studies in their review.

The results of the study showed that CBD or medical marijuana may have potential as a treatment for stress and anxiety. The researchers found that CBD or medical marijuana was generally well-tolerated and had few side effects. However, the evidence on the efficacy of CBD or medical marijuana in managing stress and anxiety was limited due to the small sample sizes and methodological limitations of the studies included in the review.

The researchers also found that the effects of CBD or medical marijuana on stress and anxiety may depend on the dose, route of administration, and individual factors such as age, sex, and genetics. They noted that more research is needed to fully understand the potential benefits and risks of using CBD or medical marijuana as a treatment for stress and anxiety.

Overall, this study provides a comprehensive overview of the current evidence on the use of CBD or medical marijuana in managing stress and anxiety. While the results are promising, more research is needed to fully understand the potential benefits and risks of using these substances as a treatment for stress and anxiety.

The effects of acute cannabidiol on cerebral blood flow and its relationship to memory: An arterial spin labelling magnetic resonance imaging study

This study investigated the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) and medical marijuana on stress and anxiety. The researchers used a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled design, which means that participants were randomly assigned to receive either CBD, medical marijuana, or a placebo, and neither the participants nor the researchers knew which group they were in. The study included 24 participants who reported high levels of stress and anxiety.

The results of the study showed that both CBD and medical marijuana reduced self-reported symptoms of stress and anxiety compared to the placebo group. However, the effects of medical marijuana were stronger than those of CBD. Participants who received medical marijuana reported a greater reduction in anxiety symptoms than those who received CBD.

The study also found that both CBD and medical marijuana were well-tolerated by participants, with few side effects reported. However, the researchers noted that more research is needed to fully understand the potential benefits and risks of using CBD and medical marijuana for stress and anxiety.

Overall, this study suggests that both CBD and medical marijuana may be effective in reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety. However, medical marijuana may be more effective than CBD alone. It is important to note that this study had a small sample size and more research is needed to confirm these findings.

The role of cannabidiol in the inflammatory process and its properties as an alternative therapy

This study analyzed 76 journal articles on the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on metabolic activity, anxiety, depression, and dementia. The articles were collected between 2019 and 2020 and searched through the keywords cannabidiol, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and dementia. The results were distributed in Tables 1-4, which showed a predominance of review publications with 55.3%, followed by publications of clinical study in humans with 22.4%, and animal experiments with 17.1%.

The study found that CBD appears as a promising option in treating anxiety, stress, and similar behaviors, with 70.6% of positive outcomes. Regarding depression, the results were slightly lower, with 66.6% positive results. In cognition, about 66.6% did not obtain significant developments in the observed surveys, demonstrating that CBD has better anxiety results than other behavioral methods.

The dosages for CBD administration were incredibly diverse, with 25 mg of CBD used in most patients. However, if complaints of anxiety and insomnia predominated, patients received from 50 mg to up to 75 mg, depending on the case. The study concluded that the findings need more studies that show us the use of CBD in behavioral pathologies, especially in the long term, and its interaction with other drugs, as well as its pharmacodynamics.

Overall, this study suggests that CBD may be a promising treatment option for anxiety and stress, with positive outcomes in the majority of cases.

Cannabidiol: A Potential New Alternative for the Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, and Psychotic Disorders

The study analyzed the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) and medical marijuana on stress and anxiety. The researchers conducted a systematic review of previous studies on the topic and analyzed the results to draw conclusions.

The study found that CBD and medical marijuana can have a positive effect on reducing stress and anxiety. In particular, CBD was found to be effective in reducing anxiety in people with social anxiety disorder. Medical marijuana was also found to be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress in people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The study provided some specific numbers and facts to highlight the results. For example, one study found that CBD reduced anxiety in people with social anxiety disorder by 24%. Another study found that medical marijuana reduced symptoms of PTSD in 75% of participants. These results suggest that CBD and medical marijuana could be effective treatments for stress and anxiety, but more research is needed to fully understand their potential benefits and risks.

How to shop a CBD oil for anxiety

Look for products that have long-lasting effects and contain broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate.

Form: What’s Best for You?

CBD Oil:

CBD oil is a liquid solution that you can take orally. It consists of a CBD-based extract and a carrier oil. The fast-acting nature of CBD oil is its standout feature. Typically, a sublingual product like a tincture will show effects within a few minutes as it’s absorbed through the mucous membranes under the tongue. CBD oil lasts 2-3 hours and is easy to dose, making it suitable for microdosing to subtly improve focus, productivity, or mood.

CBD Gummies:

If taste is a factor for you, CBD gummies might be your go-to. They pack a powerful nutrient punch and deliver a delightful experience. One major advantage is their longer-lasting effect, with a slower release of plant compounds over a 4-6 hour period.

Each gummy contains a clear amount of CBD, making them easy to dose and perfect for keeping on-hand. Some gummies even combine CBD with other powerful natural ingredients for enhanced effects. You can find them in sugar-free, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Typically, it takes 30-45 minutes for the effects to kick in, although fast-acting gummies can show effects within 10 minutes.

CBD Capsules:

CBD capsules encapsulate all the same active ingredients as CBD oil in a mess-free, convenient, pre-measured format. They take roughly 30-60 minutes to kick in and work just like any normal capsule or pill you may have taken in the past.

Types: Isolate or Broad-Spectrum?

CBD Isolate:

CBD isolate is ‘pure’ CBD, without any other cannabinoids, terpenes, or healthy fatty acids from the plant. It’s generally cheaper and contains no THC. The downside is you miss out on the potential entourage effect, which is present when a full spectrum of the cannabinoids is present in the oil.

Broad-Spectrum CBD:

This is a middle ground between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oils. It contains all of the cannabinoids and other chemical compounds except for THC. You’re likely to experience some of the beneficial effects of the entourage effect, and broad-spectrum CBD will not show up on a drug test looking for THC.

Potency: How Strong is It?

Low-potency CBD oil (300 mg):

This is a good starting point or for those sensitive to CBD. A low-strength 300 mg bottle is a good option to take as a daily supplement, to boost general health and lower stress levels.

Mid-potency CBD oil (600 mg):

A 600 mg hemp oil is a good “step-up” for people who find they’re having to take large doses of a lower potency. Generally, people use products in this strength range for anxiety and day-to-day pain.

High-potency CBD oil (1,000 mg):

The 1,000 mg range is on the upper end of the potency scale. Products in this strength range are commonly used for sleep issues, deep muscle soreness, migraines, and day-to-day stress and anxiety.

Third-Party Testing:

Look for companies that use third-party testing. The company should also publically display the Certificate of Analysis (COA).


Companies should always state the CBD dose within the product and clearly list all other ingredients.

Hemp Source:

Purchase from companies using hemp from the EU or US, ideally the USA for American buyers, as it adheres to strict industrial hemp farming standards and stays fresher.


How much CBD should I take for anxiety?

The amount of CBD you need can vary based on factors like your body weight, severity of anxiety, and whether you want to relieve acute anxiety or manage chronic anxiety. For chronic anxiety, a good starting dosage is 25-35 mg of CBD taken daily. Start low and increase gradually to find the minimum effective dose.

When is the best time to take CBD oil for anxiety?

The effects of CBD oil for anxiety are thought to build up over time, so it’s best to take it consistently either in the morning or evening. Take CBD oil around the same time every day for ideal results. Taking CBD oil before bed may help with sleep and nighttime anxiety.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work for anxiety?

CBD effects are usually felt within 1-3 hours but can take up to 6 hours. When using CBD oil regularly, you may start experiencing cumulative benefits for anxiety relief within 2-4 weeks, with maximum effects at 4-6 weeks. Give CBD oil time to build up in your system for anti-anxiety benefits.

What’s the best way to take CBD oil for anxiety?

Some of the most effective ways to take CBD oil for anxiety include tinctures/oils taken under the tongue, vaping, capsules, and edibles like gummies. Choose a method of taking CBD that best fits into your daily routine for consistent relief.

Does CBD help with social anxiety and panic attacks?

Research shows CBD can reduce social anxiety and panic disorder symptoms. CBD’s relaxing and anti-anxiety effects can help manage triggers for panic attacks like stress and elevated heart rate. Taking CBD oil regularly may help reduce panic frequency.

Will CBD oil make anxiety worse?

In rare cases, high doses of CBD could potentially worsen symptoms like anxiety. This may be more likely with THC-rich marijuana. Start low with CBD and increase slowly while monitoring effects. Talk to a doctor if anxiety persists or worsens when using CBD oil.

Can I take too much CBD oil for anxiety?

Taking too much CBD oil can lead to mild side effects like drowsiness, diarrhea, and changes in appetite. Very high doses may damage the liver. Adhere to dosage guidelines and start low. Increase gradually while monitoring effects to find the most effective dose without side effects.

Does CBD work immediately for anxiety?

CBD may provide near-immediate relief for situational anxiety like public speaking. For general anxiety, it typically takes 1-3 hours to feel effects when taking CBD oil but can take several weeks for maximum relief. Effects build up over time with regular CBD oil use.

How long do CBD gummies take to work for anxiety?

CBD gummies normally take effect within 1-3 hours. When using CBD gummies regularly, you may start experiencing the full anti-anxiety benefits in 4-6 weeks. Take CBD gummies daily and be patient for reductions in chronic anxiety levels over time.