Promoting Comprehensive Care: Implementing Medical Marijuana Documentation Guidelines within WVDirect

The West Virginia Health Information Network (WVHIN) has been at the forefront of transforming healthcare communication through its secure messaging system, WVDirect. With the growing recognition of medical marijuana in healthcare, WVHIN embarked on a groundbreaking journey to establish guidelines for healthcare providers to document medical marijuana-related discussions and recommendations within the WVDirect messaging system.

Necessity of Legal Collaboration

Healthcare providers are often faced with the complex task of navigating the evolving landscape of medical marijuana use in patient care. With this growing field, documentation presents unique challenges due to the intricate legal considerations involved. Recognizing these complexities, we chose to bring legal expertise on board, ensuring that the developed guidelines would be robust, comprehensive, and legally sound.

Challenges Faced and Solutions Devised

As expected, the collaboration with legal experts was a challenging task. The legal considerations around medical marijuana are complex and vary significantly across different jurisdictions. Furthermore, the discussion and recommendation of medical marijuana within a healthcare setting touch on sensitive areas of patient privacy and professional liability.

To address these challenges, we organized several brainstorming sessions with legal experts, healthcare providers, and our in-house technology team. These meetings became a melting pot of ideas, strategies, and perspectives, paving the way towards comprehensive guidelines.

To deal with the variability in legal regulations across different areas, we developed a system that adapted the guidelines based on the healthcare provider’s location. This ensured that all the recommendations were in line with the local regulations.

The Resultant Guidelines

The guidelines developed focus on ensuring that healthcare providers document their discussions and recommendations about medical marijuana comprehensively and accurately within the WVDirect messaging system. These guidelines not only provide a clear path for healthcare providers to follow but also ensure that all necessary legal and ethical considerations are adequately addressed.

Community Reaction

The response from the healthcare community to these new guidelines was overwhelmingly positive. Healthcare providers expressed relief at having clear, legally vetted guidance on this often complex and sensitive topic. The initiative was seen as a progressive step towards adapting healthcare practices to encompass the growing acceptance of medical marijuana in patient care.


The implementation of these guidelines within the WVDirect system marks another milestone in WVHIN’s commitment to support healthcare providers with comprehensive, adaptable solutions. As healthcare evolves, WVHIN continues to meet the changing needs of providers, supporting them in delivering optimal patient care in an increasingly complex environment.