Data Abstraction Tool Kit

The DQIP abstraction tool kit is designed for use by managed-care plans and physician practices to measure the routine care they deliver to their diabetic patients. Using this tool kit, providers can collect and analyze data to measure and ultimately improve the quality of diabetes care they deliver.

This tool kit contains the following:

  • DQIP Data Abstraction software
  • Ten diabetes training medical records and answer key
  • DQIP orientation/training video
  • DQIP User’s Guide (including measures and specifications, instructions for installation and use of software, paper copy of abstraction tool and instructions, and toll-free telephone number for technical assistance)

This tool kit is free-of-charge to Texas providers. For out-of-state providers, the price of the DQIP Data Abstraction Tool Kit is $47.00. For more information about this tool kit or to order a copy, please call 1-888-691-9167.

DQIP Abstraction Software and User’s Guide

The DQIP Data Abstraction software may be downloaded free of charge. Since the abstraction tool is a module of Medquest, Medquest must be installed first then the DQIP module.

Medquest is available here:

The DQIP module and the user guide is here: