“How to Prevent Diabetes Complications” Poster

Developed By CMRI
Brief Overview/Summary Poster in English and Spanish highlighting key aspects of diabetes care (covers all DQIP measures).

The following covers the restrictions placed on the poster.

CMRI bought the rights to the artwork for three years but does not own the artwork. The rights will expire in the Spring of 2002. If you wish to reprint this material after that time, you will need to negotiate with the designer. CMRI can put you in touch with the designer.

You may customize the material by placing your logo and phone number directly on the piece. However, you are requested not to remove the CMRI’s logo, or at least credit CMRI for the information. You may not change the clinical information, text and/or advice communicated through the material except to make clinical data accurate for a specific state or target population. The text contained in the material may be used within other communications pieces or with other artwork. The graphics, photos, and artwork may not be used in any material other than the original piece it was created for.

If you are interested in using the graphics or artwork for another communications piece, you must contact Jane Cordingly-Klein at (415) 677-2024, and make arrangements to work with the designer directly.

Setting Outpatient
Target Audience
  • Beneficiaries (to read while sitting in waiting/exam rooms)
  • Providers (to put posters in waiting/exam rooms)
  • Office Staff (to put posters in waiting/exam rooms)
Collaborators and partners in Intervention Development
  • California Diabetes Control Program
  • Diabetes Coalition of California
  • Western region of the American Diabetes Association
Barriers Hard to reach all the right providers. Did outreach to physician offices that we were able to identify, and to all registered diabetes health educators in the state.
Lessons Learned Tools were very popular, lots of popular feedback from providers and beneficiaries. Multi-ethnic images helpful and male/female on cover a good idea.
Helpful Hints Be sure to test images and messages before you finalize the tool.
Relevant Links www.cmri-ca.org