Physician Reminder Postcard

Developed By IPRO
Brief Overview/Summary Postcard intended for use by physicians’ offices to remind patients with diabetes that they should schedule visits. It encourages the patients to come in for routine tests and examinations. It can be customized with the physician’s office stamp.
Setting Outpatient
Target Audience
  • Beneficiaries
  • Clinical
  • Provider
  • Office Staff
  • Disparity
  • Managed Care
Collaborators and Partners in Intervention Development IPRO developed this intervention with input from community based physicians.
Barriers Initially, IPRO offered the postcards postage-paid. Adding postage proved to be expensive for printing purposes. It was time consuming to add stamps to individual orders as they were received after the physician’s offices received the sample postcard and then placed the orders for them.
Lessons Learned Do not offer to pay for postage on these postcards.
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